Blogset, Blogrise

Having just brought down the curtain on one blog, what can I do but start another?

Hello, I’m Stephen, and this is my blog. I’m a writer of comics and prose, working to change states from “aspiring” to “professional”. I’m also a partner, a parent and a guy who really needs to do more to get enough exercise and eat better. You’ll be hearing about all of those things, to one degree or another, but initially at least, I’m going to focus on writing, on being a writer, and on the process of trying to make that jump from wannabe to pro — for myself, and for others too.

The blog is named straightforwardly — one might say dully — after me. I thought about coming up with something clever that would reflect when I’m at, as a writer and a person, something that would really say, “aspiring creator on the journey towards professionalizing!”

But you know, I brought my first blog to an end partly because its name, Back From Erstwhile, was a rather clever one that reflected precisely where I was at.

Where I was at eight years ago.

It wasn’t where I’m at now. And anything I can imagine that reflects where I am now (and that’s also available — do you know how many cleverly-named WordPress blogs there are?!) may not reflect where I am in a year, and it certainly won’t in three or five or eight years.

Better, I think, to use a title that will always be relevant to me, because it’s my name. As such, the blog can remain stand-alone, here on WordPress, as long as I need to, and then be easily folded into a new personal website when the time is right. And you know, I’ve checked: My name is unique in the English-speaking world. That puts it several orders of magnitude up on any of the two-word aspirational phrases I was kicking around.

(Continuous Movement? Steady Progress? Onward and Upward? Not very unique. And oh yeah, not available anyway!)

And so, whether you’ve followed me here from my previous blog, or whether you’re a new reader, thanks for being here, and welcome! I look forward to sharing this next phase of my journey with you.


Coming up next: I owe my friend Nicole Winters a blog hop post! As a bonus, that will answer all your “who is this guy and what does he think he’s doing?” questions.


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