Wordcount? You Want to Know About my Wordcount?

…Ha ha ha sob.

Yesterday, I brought my laptop to work to write over my lunch hour. I found a quiet space. And I went over to the web app for one of my favourite writing/productivity tools, Write or Die.

I like Write or Die so much that I actually bought an earlier version, so I wouldn’t HAVE to use it on the web. Unfortunately, that program is installed on the dead laptop, and Version 1 is no longer available, so it was the web version just use my word processor. And I figured that I needed the extra prod to get my words in. I was shooting for 1,000 new words for the novel, after all, and for that, I like the added incentive to get out of my own way that Write Or Die provides.

So, I got started, and you know what? It was working for me. I got down to it and pushed those words out. Whether they were any good or not is a whole other matter, but writing them sure felt good.

And then I hit the wrong key. Because I was typing pretty quickly.

And I had forgotten why I ended up purchasing my own copy of Write Or Die.

It’s because the web app is a web app. Open in a browser window. And it’s so damned easy to accidentally close that window, or hit a link in the tool bar.

And lose everything you’ve been writing. Irretrievably. Like that (just imagine me snapping my fingers, here).

I don’t know exactly how many. I’d been going for 30 or 40 minutes, so… more than 600 words and probably less than 750? That’s not so upsetting. What really bothers me is that I liked that scene. I liked it the way I wrote it. I hope I can get it right when I have to write it all over again.

Anyway, that’s today’s word count update. More than 600 and probably less than 750 words. Which in this case, totals zero.

Sigh. Well, it’s nobody’s fault but my own, and there’s nothing to be done but write those words again, and more, the next chance I get. Back to the word mines!


2 thoughts on “Wordcount? You Want to Know About my Wordcount?

  1. Noooo! Although I’m sure you will be able to write it over again, probably even better, it sucks that you have to spend more writing time going back over the same ground. The day someone invents a time-stretching device, writers will be ALL OVER that.

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