Scattershot September

My time in blogging seems to be marked more by hiatuses than by, you know, periods of actual, regular blog posts, doesn’t it?

My ongoing struggle to manage my time, and balance my responsibilities – family, work, my health, my writing, my writing about those other things – continues.

And obviously, my efforts last year to get a bit more consistent in posting here, via new topics, weren’t entirely successful – I’m still proud of the Breaking In interviews, but I didn’t keep up with them, and remember when I was going to blog weekly about reading James Joyce? Ha!

And yet. There’s something about this format that really appeals to me. I love Twitter, but I’m kind of terrible at it. By the time I can get a thought down to 140 characters, the tweet has often gone stale – or, more usefully, I’ve thought better of it. Facebook is such a walled garden; I like using it to keep up with friends, but it’s not good for getting ideas out there.

I like releasing my thoughts into the wild, and I’m not good with brevity. That should make me a freakin’ natural at blogging.

So, I’m going to start small – with this post, no big plans for series of posts about this or that topic. I’ll go a bit scattershot, throw a bunch of little updates into the air, and see what lands.

I finished the first draft of my new novel earlier this year. Then, over the summer, I finished the process of reviewing it, and going over notes – my own, and the ones from my writers group. Now I’ve started rewriting it. The middle, especially, needs a lot of work, to the extent that I’m starting there, and plan to follow the ripples I cast across the beginning and the end. I have no idea how long this will take, and given that I always underestimate timelines for this sort of project, I’m reluctant to even guess. I’ll share what I know, when I know it.

With some very welcome assistance from my aforementioned writers group, I also dusted off the query letter for my first novel. It’s almost ready to go, and sending it out to some potential agents will be a good way to keep that project from idling while I’m working on the rewrite for the new one. My first batch of queries – about a year and a half ago now – were not at all successful. I suspect that was at least partly due to weaknesses in the query letter, so I’m hopeful this revised version will get more traction, and some less disheartening results.

And I’m gearing up to do something that I haven’t done in forever – play D&D! I’ve got some of the books for the new 5th edition, I’ve got some great players lined up, and they’ve got awesome characters. So it looks like I’m going to be DM-ing a new campaign with the new rules. Typically for me, my attempt to run a plot-light, just-for-fun series of adventures has fallen apart even before it began. Quite without my intending it, this campaign already has a Plot, and maybe even Themes. But still: Dungeons will be crawled! Doors will be kicked in! Monsters will be slain and treasure looted!

(If you can’t tell, I’m really looking forward to this.)

In addition to all the political fun going on in the US, Canada is in the midst of a federal election campaign – we go to the polls October 19th. I doubt that I’ll get into my thoughts on that directly here, but it’s still taking up a certain degree of mental and emotional real estate. My politics are a bit more on display on Twitter, if you’re interested.

But ah, wise readers that you are, you’ve probably already noticed the “directly” I deployed as a qualifier up there.

You see, I have this short story, and it deals in part with some political issues that Canada is facing, indirectly. Unsubtly, but indirectly. Because of that, I rather strongly suspect that this story has a best-before date that can now be measured in weeks, and will be quite expired after election day. It’s a story that I’m proud of, but that has never managed to find a market.

So instead? I’m going to run it here. Ah, I knew I’d figure out what my next post should be by writing this one.

Coming up next on the blog: A foray into fiction, with my short story ‘Final Issue’!


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