Open Call for Breaking In Interviews

The Breaking In interviews are one of my favourite kinds of posts here, and not just because they’re easier than writing 1,000 to 2,000 words on my own. Many of you seem to agree — with a couple of exceptions, they’re my most-read and most-shared posts by a wide margin. (And thank you – I really appreciate it when you take the time to do that!)

So I’d love to run more Breaking In posts. Heck, I’d be thrilled if I could run one a week, although that would probably force me to up my game in terms of my own posting – hmm, maybe not such a bad thing at that.

To run more interviews, I obviously need more interviewees. So far, I’ve been contacting writers myself, but there are so many authors out there – each of them with a unique path to breaking in. It makes me wonder what inspiring stories and useful ideas I’ve missed.

This is a call, then, for authors (or publicists) to contact me. Please let me know if you’d be interested in participating in a Breaking In interview!

Generally, I use the same template questions, because I want to keep focused and on topic. But interviewees are free to take the questions in any direction they like, and shouldn’t feel too bound by them.

I include at the start of the interview some brief biographical details and information about the writer’s latest work. I like to break up the text with images – book covers and a picture of the author, most often, although if a writer would rather not have their picture used, that’s fine too.

I prefer to schedule posts so they go live around the release of a new book, or something similar – so the extra eyeballs on a writer have the most impact.

My focus is on writers of short stories, novels, and comics/webcomics/graphic novels.

I’m specifically interested in interviewing authors from communities that are marginalized or under-represented in fiction writing  and would particularly welcome being approached by those writers. I’d like my interviews to reflect the true range of diversity. This definitely includes but isn’t limited to writers of colour, women and non-binary writers, LGBT writers, neurodiverse writers, and writers from other marginalized communities or identities.

Plus, it’s important that you’ve actually, you know, broken in.

Interested? Good! Please get in touch with me via the information on my Contact Me page. I look forward to hearing from you, and learning about how you broke in as a writer.

Coming up next on the blog: Probably an update my Big Rewriting Adventure, PerNaNoReWriMo. I also may have some thoughts on Dylan Horrocks’ graphic hovel, Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen. After that, heck, I might just have some more interviews to run!


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