About Me

The Short, Hopefully Funny Bio

Stephen Geigen-Miller writes comics, prose and free-associative paragraphs that seemed to make some sort of sense at the time. His geekdoms are many and long-standing, and include science fiction and fantasy, comics, tabletop role-playing games, and endearingly bad kaiju movies.

Stephen co-created and co-wrote the science fiction comic series Xeno’s Arrow with writer/artist Greg Beettam. He co-created and wrote the trope-tacular urban fantasy webcomic Cold Iron Badge with artist Patrick Heinicke. He is a regular contributor to the Skiffy & Fanty website, where he writes about science fiction and fantasy comics and graphic novels.

Stephen lives in Toronto, works at the University of Toronto, and has two children. He writes in the bits and pieces of time in between everything else.

You can also follow him on Twitter.

How The Heck Do I Pronounce Stephen Geigen-Miller?!

Stephen is pronounced pretty much like Steven, and I won’t be bothered if you say it like that. Despite the spelling, it’s not pronounced with an “f” sound!

Geigen is pronounced like Geiger counter, so the first syllable sounds like “guy” not “gi” or “gee”, and the second syllable has the same kind of hard “g” sound.

Miller is just the standard English word and name.



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